Saturday, February 11, 2012

UFOs Have Watched Humans For Centuries.

Richard Dolan ranges far and wide over the topic of UFOs, bringing in political aspects of the story, the commercial and the historical. Abductions, mutilations, crop circles and mutes are all brought into his talk.

The internet changed UFOlogy. In 1986/7 UFOlogy exploded, bringing in hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to know what was going on. UFOlogists were able to publish their thoughts, and the discussion migrated online. The Old Guard of UFOlogy lost control at this point, and the secrets flooded out.

The UFO phenomenon is undeniable. The cover-up is undeniable. There is confrontation between the militaries of many countries and UFOs. Abductions are happening. They are not a military phenomenon. Abductions run in families. The details repeat over and over, so the stories of the victims stack up.

The Black Budget which funds the US response to UFOs, is getting so vast that it is becoming a separate civilization, which is drifting apart from the rest of the human world. The Black World has an infinite amount of money to play with, incredible secrecy, funded from crime and financial crime and manipulation.

The future will give the Black World so much difference to the rest of us that they will, or are becoming a separate civilization with a completely different world view. They are interacting with aliens, and are able to learn from them. The rest of us are getting left centuries behind technologically.

We have to get more disciplined in how we speak to each other about what's happening. We need to differentiate between what we know,and what we believe.

We have been retrieving exotic technologies, requiring secrecy and The Black Budget. It is a privatised political structure, seeking profit, that controls our relationship with these exotic phenomena. The political system is not responding and bringing us into the equation. The world is owned by powerful corporations, whose only idea is increasing shareholder value. Corporations are designed to take money out of your bank account, and nothing else.

We are not moving towards democracy. We are moving towards a world of slaves and slave owners.

Nano-tachnology, quantum computing is powering ahead. People are seen as becoming redundant, of little value relative to the advanced technologies.

Who are these aliens, and what are they like? They operate by stealth. They don't want to deal with us openly and publicly. There are more than one group. They are highly telepathic. They don't express any emotion. Some look a bit like us. They may have more than one agenda, conflicting agendas. Are they truthful or not?

Are they time travellers, from another galaxy, or what? He doesn't know. They are so far advanced compared to us, it's very hard for most humans to handle communicating with them.

Did they create us? Did they enhance us? Do they see us as their investment, as their property?
FALLACY - He hears people say - 'If they're so advanced technologically, they must have solved their economic and political problems.' He doesn't buy that. He thinks aliens potentially have lots of social problems. Maybe the higher up the ladder you go, the more troubles you have. That's the truth with humans. Maybe it's the same for them. The more advanced technologically all societies become, the more dysfunctional.

QUESTIONS - How do we talk to the government about all their secrets, like visiting the Moon and Mars for X number of years? How do we ask the government to tell us what they know about these alien beings?

Why are the aliens interested in us? 100 years ago we had horses and farming. We are on the verge of having your computer as intelligent as you are, within ten years. You can wake up and have a chat with your computer, yet your computer will be a bit smarter than us. A great PA! Our whole civilisation is about to go through a process of major recreation. The intelligent species' watching us must be able to know this. They must know we are about to leap ahead and join their kind of world.

The secret will spill out. The world will be put into a panic. The powerful will try to control the spin. Researchers must make sure the real truth gets out. We must get to the bottom of what's really going on. The problem is not only the National Security State. It's very possible that the alien influences that are here are already operating against our interests and in their own interests. We need to find out and wise up.

TAP - If the secrets were blown open, the powerful corporations would not be quite so powerful as they are. Fresh air on problems normally helps.

We must be fascinating to aliens as a way of looking back at their own pre-modern history, when they didn't have all their technologies, when they were simpler life forms like we still are, to a great extent. Perhaps they're looking for clues as to how to understand their own world which due to so much development, the underlying simplicity of life is no longer visible.

The first idea of interacting with us might be exploitative. Probably is. Can we turn that around, and see a cooperative relationship becoming possible? Only if we know who they are, and what's going on.

The talk from Richard Dolan is from Project Camelot's Awake And Aware conference in 2009. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy introduce him. (Did I spell their names right this time?)


Anonymous said...

I suspect most of the alien abduction cases are sleep paralysis. These used to give people visions of "old hags", now they are aliens.

The UFOs have been visiting us, making crops at least since 815 AD. No reason why they only begin abductions in the late 20th Century.

Also, again... ETs are presented in a negative way. It is highly likely the majority of ETs are friendly. It would fit the globalist agenda to demonize all ETs.

- Me.

Tapestry said...

It's worth listening to the talk. Aliens are already highly influential over human society. Their effects so far are far from benign, with the Black World advancing so fast, the rest of us are being left behind, and in effect, enslaved by our relative decline.

It seems more likely given the evidence that aliens are exploitative in their viewpoint. Maybe if we were to find out what's actually going on, there might be other more benign alien agendas, but fear is rampant across The Black World, driving them to greater and greater acts of greed and suppression.

Anonymous said...

I agree, aliens are not gods and they probably have a pathology similar to humankind. We should be suspicious about doing deals with those ETs that team up with the globalists.

That said there are good humans and there will be good ETs. Unless our part of the galaxy is owned by an ET corporation and militarily sealed off it is likely we are visited and watched by numerous ETs.

- Me.

Anonymous said...

The ITV programme "This Morning" has just done a piece on UFOs. Had a panel including a skeptic, policeman, and a witness.

Gary Heseltine, Police Detective Constable, records UFO sightings.In 10 years of research he began with 6 cases involving 10 officers. Now has 425 cases involving over 900 British police officers. Says that 3% of cases are legitimate. Not just sleep paralysis as people have been abducted in their cars. It is happening in the third world. He says he could prove the existence of ETs in a court of law. The skeptic squirms and says he is not convinced.

Youtube "This Morning on UFOs Feb 9th 2012.f4v". The link's also in your spam folder.

- Me.

Scotty said...

Genesis, Nephilim, Book of Enoch, Vril, flying saucers, Nazis, Theosophical Society, Helena Blavatsky, Aryan race, Grey's, Demons, Fallen Angels

"The UFO phenomenon is undeniable. The cover-up is undeniable"

This is true - but these things are not aliens. This HAS been going on for centuries - but historical and modern evidence and testimony points towards these non-human entities being demons, fallen angels and not extra-terrestrials.

Why are 'aliens' supposedly abducting humans and conducting sexual / reproductive experiments on them?

In Genesis 6:1-4 the "sons of God" are captivated by the beauty of the "daughters of men." They subsequently marry them and produce an offspring of giants known as the Nephilim. Genesis goes on to say that these Nephilim were "mighty men" and "men of renown."

Comment from YT viewer :

"Aliens greys are the demons of old and they are still terrifying man. According to Early Jewish Writings 'They have been stripped of their apparel, go naked and have horrible faces"

The following documentary is in 7 parts, altogether about one hour long. This film explains what humanity is really up against. (part one)

Anonymous said...

//Why are 'aliens' supposedly abducting humans and conducting sexual / reproductive experiments on them?//

This is what occurs in the class sleep paralysis case. There is no need for aliens to perform sexual operations on humans. They can go to the sperm/egg bank for this.

//This is true - but these things are not aliens. This HAS been going on for centuries - but historical and modern evidence and testimony points towards these non-human entities being demons, fallen angels and not extra-terrestrials.//

I don't think either/or is necessary.

I'm more convinced that they are ETs. We already know other solar systems with habitable planets. If it's possible to hyperlink around the galaxy, between galaxies, between galactic clusters, between galactic superclusters, between clusters of galactic superclusters, anywhere in the universe then they've been here and probably are here. The interesting question is which is the biggest ET on our block.

- Me.

Anonymous said...

Scotty, looking at that video.

Not convinced by all the information. Claims Alexander the Great saw a UFO.

However -

//Despite the many repetitions of Alexander’s UFO story, there are only two modern versions of it and neither one provides historical references or sources. All efforts by various historians and researchers to find ancient sources have failed so far.//

- Me

Anonymous said...

Scotty, looking at that video.

Not convinced by all the information. Claims Alexander the Great saw a UFO.

However -

//Despite the many repetitions of Alexander’s UFO story, there are only two modern versions of it and neither one provides historical references or sources. All efforts by various historians and researchers to find ancient sources have failed so far.//

- Me

Scotty said...

Ok ME, maybe you're right, it's a minor point though. I'd never heard that story before I saw this doc.

There is no evidence at all for real alien existance or contact.

Have a look at my Jacques Vallee post from a few days ago.

Scotty said...

Maybe you're right about Alexander’s UFO story - watching this doc is the first time I've heard it.
It's a fairly minor point, though re the overall concept of the film.

dognamedblue said...

did anyone get to watch mastermind last night? one question was what wall art was inside an egyptian tomb, the answer being a "solar ship" hmmm solar ship? wouldn't happen to be a space ship today?

Anonymous said...

this one will give you a lot of hits.

You should cover it because if because football is deemed unserious past time for the intellectuals "only a game" it gives globalists free-reign to indoctrinate freely without fear of opposition.

This is what they are doing.

This image tells the story. Look up the rest yourself. The story is obvious.

Political element has been ramped up by David Cameron who is going to hold a "summit".

I believe this incident was deliberately engineered. I'm not sure quite why, but we need to get the truth out.

Anonymous said...

here's an annotated version of the same pic - to make it clearer

Tapestry said...

Being in Manila the seriousness of a handshake (or the lack of) at a football game, has not filtered through to me. Why is David Cameron bothered? I'm back in UK soon.

Anonymous said...

Tap, football is a means by which the globalists are indoctrinating the general public to completely submit to arbitrary rulings. It's not just entertainment and a distraction. It's an indoctrination tool. We are being taught that endemic corruption wins, and that you have do what the authorities say because being innocent is no defence.

Luis Suarez (Liverpool forward) does not claim to be racist but was banned for 8 matches for racially abusing Patrice Evra (Manchester United captain). Suarez admitted he used the word "negro" at Evra, however it is said in South America this is a term for a friend, it is not abuse. The media hyping up the situation, demonizing someone who isn't racist of being Hitler.

This handshake incident occurred on his first game back after his ban at the start of a Manchester United - Liverpool game. The media narrative is again demonizing someone who is not a racist as a racist. Suarez is repeatedly accused of refusing to shake hands when the video evidence shows the opposite - it was Evra who held his hand back.

This is the key image below. Notice how the media organizations don't use this camera angle.

Suarez should have made a greater effort, even though he felt he was the victim. It was Suarez's mistake not to force the handshake. However, the take home fact why this is important is the whole incident looks engineered.

1. They didn't have to have a shake hands line before the match. The football authorities cancelled a shake hands line before a recent Chelsea-QPR game for similar reasons. It is strange they let this one go ahead.

2. One of the ground level TV cameras is in a perfect position to capture Evra's reaction - were they expecting something?

3. Evra did not even try to shake Suarez's hands

4. The media have immediately settled on a narrative that is not consistent with the facts

5. On their Match of the Day programme the BBC showed a Sky News interview of Kenny Dalgleish, not the BBC man's one. Why the cooperation between the two organizations on this issue?

6. Why has the PM got involved over a handshake?

"David Cameron is expected to step into the row over racism in football by staging a Downing Street summit on the issue."

This does seem like a distraction - however, we shouldn't ignore these distractions completely because they could offer the globalists a free opportunity to indoctrinate without resistance.